General dentistry is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental disorders in adults.

This area intervenes in aspects such as diagnosis and treatment planning, oral hygiene or dental aesthetics, always aiming to preserve healthy and beautiful teeth.


Endodontics has its field of action in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems of the dental pulp and surrounding tissues affected, through the treatment of the root canals of the tooth ("devitalisation").


Dental implants are titanium medical devices that function as artificial roots and are surgically placed in the patient's bone, a painless and safe procedure. Later, they serve as a support for teeth (crowns, bridges or removable prostheses) offering the patient excellent aesthetic and chewing function.


The aim of periodontology is the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the gums (periodontal diseases), which affect the tissues that surround and support the teeth, as well as the replacement of lost teeth using dental implants.


The function of prosthodontics is to restore the partially or totally lost masticatory function and the aesthetic rehabilitation of the dental arches by placing fixed crowns or bridges, as well as rehabilitation with fixed and removable prostheses supported by implants.


The odontopediatric practice intervenes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental problems in children and adolescents.

It guarantees a specialized approach to children, which is fundamental in order to develop from childhood an attitude of preservation of oral health, trust in the dentist and no fear of dental treatment.


Orthodontics is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malposition and skeletal malformations (jaws) or dentofacial anomalies.

There are several orthodontic treatment systems, including bonded, self-ligating and aligners.

Both bonded and self-ligating are fixed systems, with brackets and archwires, and in bonded systems elastics are used to connect the archwires to the brackets, while in self-ligating systems the brackets themselves have a mechanism for fixing the archwires.

The aligners are removable and transparent and are considered to be the most aesthetic and comfortable.